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Fruita Colorado Towing Company

There are many types of towing services. Most tow companies only provide towing services for light or medium vehicles. The Service Center provides towing services for light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles. 

Along side our towing services, we can also provide services in jumpstarts, gas fill ups or roadside assistance.

Call us to get assistance: 970-858-1400

221 E Hwy 6 & 50 Fruita, CO 81521

Light Towing

The Service Center specializes in many areas of light duty towing. Light duty vehicles we can tow, but are not limited to are motorcycles, cars, trucks, small boats, off-road or small speciality vehicles such as ATVS, dune buggies, golf carts, etc), small campers, small trailers, and industrial equipment, and utility vehicles. 

Medium Towing

The Service Center provides excellent service for medium duty towing. Whether it is for independent or transportation fleets companies. Medium duty towing services consists of vehicles weighting 10,000lbs or more, such as packing vans, small RV's, and 550/650 trucks. This includes commercial and non-commercial.

Heavy Duty Towing

Got some big rigs that need to be hauled? The Service Center provides heavy duty towing services for the Western Slope. Vehciles weighing 80,000lbs and more can be taken care of with our trained heavy duty towers. We cover class 8 size vehicles (33,000lbs and above), tractors, trailers and larger.

Local Towing in Fruita, CO

Towing in Grand Junction Colorado
Roadside Fuel Service in Grand Junction CO

Truck and Car Towing: If you require towing services in Fruita, Colorado, the Service Center will suit you perfectly. We will be the first respondent and assist in every way we can in hauling your truck or car.


Auto Mechanic Services: At Fruita Service Center we hire and train top of the line mechanics. Foreign or domestic vehicles can be serviced at our auto repair shop and get you back on the road as soon as possible. 


Roadside Service: We will help drivers with minor automotive problems, such as flat tires, dead batteries, and empty tanks of gas. If a vehicle needs major mechanical repair, we can tow it to one of our auto repair shops located in Fruita.

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