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Engine Repair

The Service Center can help your car last longer if you stay on top of your engine maintenance. Any minor repairs to your engine should be addressed immediatly in ensure the longest lasting use out of a vehicle. 


The Service Center has mechanics that do both minor and major engine repairs. If your wanting to maintain or restore your car give us a visit.

Engine Services Include

Standard Tune-Ups
Fuel Filter Replacements
Fuel System Cleaning
Vapor Canister Filters
Oil Changes
Oil Filters
Ignition Modules

Ignition Coil Packs

Spark Plug Replacement

Engine Senors
Electronic Diagnostics
Emissions Control System
Distributor Cap & Rotor
Crankcase Ventilation:

PCV Valve
Crankcase Vent Filter

Engine Repair in Colorado

Call us to get assistance: 970-858-1400

221 E Hwy 6 & 50 Fruita, CO 81521

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